Good Friday Needs a Little Re-Branding

Good Friday Needs a Little Re-Branding – Let’s Call it ‘Gift Friday’ to Be More Descriptive

The different day, I became talking to a completely first-class Catholic female from out of doors of Seattle, and she or he was happy to be down inside the wilderness hotel city near wherein I live staying heat and dry. Since it become Good Friday, and he or she had simply come from the church we talked a little bit approximately what Good Friday supposed, and its religious significance. No, it was now not new facts for me even though I am no longer a religious type, but I did project her on the want to exchange the call of Good Friday. Okay so permit’s communicate about this for 2d shall we?

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Good Friday Needs a Little Re-Branding
Good Friday Needs a Little Re-Branding

She reminded me that Jesus died on the move for our sins, and that became an excellent factor he did for us. That doesn’t make any feel in any respect to me, because I live in a destiny duration, Jesus supposedly lived in a beyond duration, and I did not ask him to do this for me besides. Nevertheless, that is how the story line goes, however I could publish to you that it wasn’t a very good day for Jesus, due to the fact they did drive spikes thru his fingers because the story goes, and broke his ankles and what have you ever, which have to’ve been an extremely painful revel in, not specifically the first-rate way to die in case you recognize what I suggest?

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So, on the day that the Romans killed Jesus, or alternatively nailed him to the pass to die, it appears that the Christians are calling this a terrific, as in Good Friday? Well, if this become a gift to humanity, loss of life on the pass for our sins, then I assume that it have to be known as “Gift Friday” or perhaps, “Good Gift Friday,” in place of just Good Friday? Well, it’s miles a vacation, it is satisfactory to have a time off, so I’m not complaining even though I’m not religious, or that the whole thing sounds alternatively hokey to me, I’m just satisfied to get the time off, and relax, it gives me time to reflect and think about such things as this I wager?

Let’s communicate about the “Branding of a Holiday” we could?

Everyone desires a vacation, and a motive to have a good time, and calling something Good Friday puts every body in an excellent mood, and since it is right, it should be a high-quality holiday. If the Christians were to rebrand Good Friday as precise Gift Friday, then perhaps we are able to turn it right into a industrial vacation simply as we have Christmas. And that could be even higher, and quite desirable for local retailers.


No, I’m not looking to make amusing of the holiday, what I’m seeking to do right here is to initiate a response, ignite your emotion one way or the opposite, and cause you to assume. And due to the fact I simply did that, I will quit this newsletter now – please take into account this.

A Wildlife Adventure in the Desert

Dubai Safari Park Review: A Wildlife Adventure in the Desert

Dubai is well-known in the international for pushing the bounds in real estate innovation, whether it is building the arena’s tallest building or erecting three-D published places of work in under a month! This week your favorite UAE assets portal shines the highlight on the Dubai Safari Park, the town’s latest ambitious adventure tourism venture spearheaded by Dubai Municipality.


The Dubai Safari Park placed in Al Warqa’a, covers a huge 1.2 squarekm, a place twice the size of Vatican City! With an excellent lineup of over 2,500 varieties of plant life and fauna, the park is a specific upgrade to the Dubai Zoo, promising to be an thrilling addition to the town’s giant tourism repertoire.

A Wildlife Adventure in the Desert

The Dubai Safari park makes an eye catching first affect with its stunning lakes and verdant landscaping. The 119-hectare safari is split into 5 villages, complete with their own specific topography and animal populace. A fleet of Eco-friendly cars plies you across the gargantuan belongings, making it one of the move-to locations in Dubai to hang around with your youngsters!

To offer a cool natural habitat for the animals in the course of hotter months, chilled water our bodies, misting lovers and air-conditioned artificial rocks were established across the park.

Our imaginative and prescient for this task, is to offer a tremendously attractive edutainment revel in that fosters schooling on animal welfare, evokes a feel of getting to know approximately natural world range and increases recognition on what makes wildlife safety a top precedence,” stated Hussain Nasser Lootah, director trendy of Dubai Municipality.


The most thrilling factor about the Dubai Safari Park is the conventional open safari, transporting you to the jungles of Asia and Africa for close encounters with the individual animal populace. As you meander thru the village inside the consolation of a particularly designed automobile, you could spot the many animal species sheltered here, along with baboons, zebras, deer, cheetahs and water buffalo’s.

A Wildlife Adventure in the Desert

A go to to the Safari Village is incomplete without a sighting of the majestic lions and regal tigers lounging within the sun.

When you input the tiger enclosure you’ll be immediately struck by means of the splendor of the rippling waterfalls, a completely solar-powered initiative, built to beautify the ecosystem of its water-loving citizens.

The global first force-via crocodile exhibit comes up subsequent, giving you a risk to study some of the world’s maximum enforcing predators at close quarters.

The control has been extremely proactive in making sure that traffic get extra than a cursory glimpse at the animals with open-air theatres for fowl and reptile shows, feeding zones for giraffes and even a cheetah racing track!

What we like: The lions, tigers and drive-via crocodile exhibit.

Featured Animals: Tiger, Lion, Hippo, Baboon, Antelope, Zebra, Hornbill, Cape Buffalo, Nile Crocodile, Striped Hyena, Deer, Cheetah, Water Buffalo


One of the most pointed out areas in the Dubai Safari Park is predictably the African Village, home to the most wonderful natural world from the continent. The village, divided into an African Savannah and Rainforest features African wild dogs, massive tortoises, chimpanzees and majestic white lions!

What we adore: The frisky delight of white lions keen to play through the protective glass obstacles.

Featured Animals: Pygmy Hippo, Gorilla, Chimpanzee, African Lion, Flamingo, Okapi, Bongo, Lemur, Antelope